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We understand your world of business and empower you to chase your dreams with a professional touch. We deliver value to your organization through TIPS.

  • T – A fully transparent and quality service. (Stakeholder satisfaction)
  • I – We will never compromise on the integrity of services offered.
  • P – To maintain professionalism throughout the lines of business we engage.
  • S – Ensure a sustainable business growth of our clients.

We also showcase the services under the following two broad categories.


A fully transparent and quality service. (Stakeholder satisfaction)


We will never compromise on the integrity of services offered.


To maintain professionalism throughout the lines of business we engage.


Ensure a sustainable business growth of our clients.

Governance & Strategic Management

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on your core operations? Do you feel that your business lacks a professional approach to take it to the next level? Do you face multiple compliance issues lingering your core business management and operations? We are there with a solution to support you round the clock. You may opt for any of the following services:

  • Risk Management & Compliance Framework: Our team of professional experts will guide you to develop a sustainable GRC framework to meet your business goals and stakeholder objectives. We mentor your in-house team to adopt the framework and implement it as part of business process.
    Customized delivery of framework models based on the client requirements including end to end GRC integration.
  • System Study and Process Re-engineering: We will help you to streamline your business processes by eliminating redundant and duplicate processes. Bringing in transparency and cost savings as value additions.
  • System or Process Automation: Enabling your business to go digital while the core business operations remain focused and sustainably maintained.
  • Support Services Sourcing: Just focus on your core business operations, we will an integrated Support Service system which will suit your business requirements.
Empowering Startups

Do you have innovative ideas and ready to shoot projects? We will analyze the feasibility and viability of the project with parameters for the success. We help you to concentrate on your core business operation while providing strategic and management support required. We enable you to:

  • Ensure the angel funding required with direct support of the investor.
  • Ensure the angel funding required with pooled funds through consortium model.
  • Expand or diversify your business model with external or internal shareholder support.
  • Streamline your support services – Finance, HR, IT and Administrative services – to deliver on time, on demand and right information only to the right people. Integrated Information Services (IIS).
  • Define the key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI) for sustainable organizational success.
  • Keep your stakeholder relations with transparent communication channel for information sharing.
  • Ensure sustainable business models to deliver value based returns to the stakeholders.



Successful business requires real time assurance on the transactions and processes leading the current business flow. Cost effective and quality driven product/service management requires an integrated IT Risk management practices.

A layered approach of IT auditing techniques, which enables continuous monitoring will ensure early identification and mitigation of risks as a routine business practice. Our clients are free to select any of the below services based on the business priorities each organization conceives.

IT auditing

Choose you options – IT General Controls audit, Application Control Audits, IT Infrastructure audits, DC/DR audits, BCP validation and testing. Our team of experts will deliver the services with business integration of control objectives.

IT Risk Management

We ensure that the IT Risk Management process is built with core thrust in business and drive business value with right information, at right time to the right resources. Enable the executive team to deliver risk adjusted decisions.


Business is all about Marketing & Innovation. Corporate Governance model decides how well you are strategically placed in these activities. A successful Corporate Governance requires, solid information flow with integrated business processes that supports the core business operation.

We understand your business requirements, and will help you to stream line the same with technology as enabler. We offer the following expert services as part of IT Consulting & Advisory.

Business Process Re-engineering

System study and Process rejuvenation to optimize the resource utilization. Performance improvement with measurement and evaluation matrices.


IT Framework development with Business Integration

IT Architecture, IT Governance models which integrates the information for business requirements.


ISMS Framework and Implementation

ISO 27000, COBIT 5.0, COSO, ITIL – Tweaked to meet your business needs. We deliver integrated Risk Management System with any framework or model.


Outsourcing & Co-sourcing

We help you to concentrate on your core operations while addressing your IT and Support services requirements through our team of professionals who are experts in their relevant services.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Planning, Implementation and support. Solution development and ensuring compliance to Business Recovery Objective and Time Objective.